Our Vet

Dr Tai Yesun

BVSc (Sdyney), MVS (Murdoch)

Veterinary Surgeon
Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Dr Tai Yesun graduated from the University of Sydney in 1987. Since her graduation, she has worked as a small animal clinician in Australia and Malaysia before relocating to Singapore. Apart from working with small and exotic animals, she has experience working with caged birds, poultry, pigs, sheep and cattle. She has pursued and completed a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration to facilitate her work.

Her veterinary interests include Small Animal & Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery, Ophthalmology, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine, Veterinary Acupuncture and Veterinary Food Therapy.  Dr Tai has completed the University of Sydney’s CVE courses in the areas of Surgery, Medicine, Avian, Ophthalmology and Practice Management.

In addition, she has completed various courses on Veterinary Dentistry, Imaging, Feline Medicine and Clinical Pathology. To hone her skills further, Dr Tai has embarked on journey to successively attain her Masters of Veterinary Studies in Small Animal Practice, awarded by Murdoch University, Australia.

Her keen interest in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine spurred her on to become a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist. As a result, she offers unique integrative approaches in the execution of her treatment plans, by combining Western and Eastern veterinary medicine. With more than twenty over years of experience, Dr Tai takes pride in her work and continually strives to attain excellence in her practice of veterinary medicine.

Our Team

The Gentle Caregivers


Head Nurse
BSc in Biomedical Science
Jeremy volunteered at the SPCA in 2010 and has gained valuable experience handling different animals. He later went on to work at the SPCA before and after serving his National Service. He eventually joined the clinic in 2014 and is determined to work with owners in helping their pets live a healthy and comfortable life.


Vet Technician
BSc Hons Biological Sciences
Joseph did his internship at AVA prior to graduating from NTU. He actively supported in their projects while working with the community to help in regulatory control and promote responsibility towards animal welfare. Later, he joined the clinic to  pursue his passion and gain valuable clinical experience as he aspires to become a veterinarian.

Jee Siang

Vet Technician
BSc Hons Health Sciences
Jee Siang graduated from the University of Toronto and has worked with animals in a hospital setting overseas. He recently returned to Singapore to be close to his local friends and family. He joined the clinic with the purpose of continuing in his care for animals. However, he misses his feisty yet adorable cat - Bishop - back home abroad.


Vet Technician
Master in Computer Applications
Anita was blessed to be surrounded by animals during her childhood - cats, dogs, and even farm animals. She decided to pursue her dream to help animals. She started volunteering at the SPCA in 2017 and also worked at Animal Medical Centre before joining the clinic. She strongly believes in doing her part and to build a home for the furry friends.

Our Mascot

Public Relations Officer

Wang Wang

Master in Human Studies
Adopted by Dr Tai, Wang Wang has been with the clinic for 4 years. He loves the company of humans and animals,
especially cats. He has always taken on the role as a foster father to orphaned kittens that we foster.
The kittens would snuggle up next to him and even eat from his bowl! Wang Wang is one of the most adorable animals in the world who brings joy and laughter to those around him eventhough he occasionally has tantrums.