We've loved every minute of our journey with you :)

"Garri" the Schnauzer
- Bea Tang

Garri was adopted in February 2015 and when he first came to the clinic, he was blind, deaf and had a serious spinal problem. He could not walk very well and fell over every other step. He also could not poo on its own. However, after trying acupuncture the results really surprised the owners.

"He is walking very well. He is almost running, galloping and even climb steps on its own with the results of acupuncture."

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"Coke" the Silky Terrier
Eunice Tay

Coke was almost paralyzed when he first came to the clinic. He was not able to stand up and could not control his bladder to pee. Initially, the owners went to a specialist to do a CT scan which showed a spinal problem but it was not serious enough to undergo an operation. They decided to try acupuncture and TCM. Coke responded really well to the treatment and within 2-3 weeks, he could stand, walk and even run. 

"We are thankful to Dr Tai. And the team here was very friendly and encouraged us a lot!"

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"Wobbles" the Kitten

Wobbles was brought in to us by SPCA to foster. When he first came in his legs were splayed and could only move around like a seal as he drags his hind legs. After a few acupuncture sessions, he is able to walk, run and jump like normal.

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"Xiao Chou" the Hamster
- Mary Zheng

Xiao Chou was diagnosed with hernia and a growth on the right flank. Surgery was done to excise the growth and repair the hernia. About 5 months after the surgery, Xiao Chou was nursed back to health and his owner made a poster (picture on the left) to show us their appreciation and a testimony for the clinic.